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Chambers prides itself on the fact that all members, bar one who changed career path from being a successful solicitor to now being one of our successful juniors, have been with chambers since the very beginning of their practice. This exemplifies the selection criteria adopted is such that we distinguish and only select the crème de la crème of the bar. Together with the structure and support that runs 8 New Square their practice quickly develops.

8 New Square generally offers one 12 month pupillage annually with an award of £55,000. This sum is made up of a pupillage award of £27,500 during the 1st six months and an earnings guarantee of £27,500 during the 2nd six months.

Much of the work of chambers is technical in nature and for this reason we only take pupils who have demonstrated an aptitude for and interest in this sort of work. Most members of chambers and pupils have a science qualification to degree level or higher, but this is not mandatory: Many successful intellectual property practitioners and judges studied other subjects. However, applicants without a science degree will have to demonstrate in some other way that they have the ability and confidence to cope with technical/scientific subject matter.

Pupillage is structured as set out in our pupillage policy (see box below). Generally pupils will sit with one member of chambers for a three month period then move to a new pupil supervisor for a further 3 month period. There is facility to move to other members of chambers who have particularly interesting cases.