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Pupillage Gateway Application


8 New Square is a member of Pupillage Gateway, the online pupillage application scheme promoted by our professional body, the Bar Council. Any applications for pupillage at 8 New Square  must be made to us via Pupillage Gateway -  www.pupillagegateway.com.

Further information regarding the scheme is available from the General Council of the Bar, or from Pupillage Gateway, where you can find the following information:

  • How to apply for a pupillage

  • Browse a list of all pupillage vacancies in England and Wales

  • View Chambers information

  • Apply to those chambers that have signed up to Pupillage Gateway

  • Find out how to apply to those chambers that are outside of Pupillage Gateway

  • Find information on chambers offering mini-pupillages

 Pupillage Gateway has changed its timetable this year.

The new timetable is:

  28th November 2016 our pupillage vacancy advertisement will be published

  9th January 2017 the application system will be open for submissions from pupillage applicants

  7th February 2017 the submission application window will close at 11.00am

  March-April 2017 we will hold first and second and possibly even third round interviews

  3rd May 2017 offers of pupillage will be made through the gateway system at 09.00am

  • Our first round interviews last for about 25 minutes. Applicants will face a panel of barristers and the Senior Clerk and the interview will be a relaxed question and answer discussion.

  • The second round interview will last for an hour and will consist of half an hour to study a legal problem, the answer to which is then presented before a different panel of four barristers and the Senior Clerk,. The problem does not assume or require any prior IP knowledge.

  • In the rare event that we require a third round, it will similarly consist of the study of a legal problem and then the presentation of the solution. This problem will be more technical in nature.

All offers will remain open for 14 days.

Candidates may apply to up to 12 pupillage providers in each season.

Any prospective candidates who wish to apply for pupillage but are unsure of the current position are welcome to contact Harri Gibson who will be happy to help.

For those applicants invited to attend an interview, reasonable travel expenses will be covered on the production of receipts.