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Instructing a Barrister Directly



Public Access

Members of the public, commercial and non-commercial organisations are able to instruct barristers directly on most civil matters, without employing the services of a solicitor. This enables a wide range of our clients to benefit from the cost savings and efficiency that may come from instructing a Barrister directly rather than through an intermediary.  To discuss instructing a barrister and whether the matter is suitable or any other details about the scheme please speak to Martin Williams on 020 7405 4321.

Whether you come to us directly or through a solicitor or other professional bodies you will always receive the same high level of service and advice from our barristers.

This PDF document produced by the Bar Council gives examples of where direct public access has successfully been used and highlights some of the benefits.


Licensed Access

Licensed access is a scheme which allows those organisations or individuals with expertise in particular areas of law, e.g. accountants, to instruct a barrister directly in that field. They can instruct counsel on purely advisory matters or as an advocate. For more information on Licensed Access please see the Bar Council website here.

Enquires about instructing members of chambers may be directed to the Senior Clerk, John Call, or any member of the clerking team. The team have a wide knowledge of the courts and legal services as well as the expertise of each of our barristers. They are collectively responsible for the administration and support service that a barrister needs to run his or her practice efficiently.