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Laddie, Prescott and Vitoria: The Modern Law of Copyright (5th Edition), published November 2018

Thursday, November 22, 2018


When it was first published over 25 years ago, Hugh Laddie, Peter Prescott and Mary Vitoria’s work ’The Modern Law of Copyright’ set a new standard for legal textbooks with its unique style and approach.

Ever since, Chambers has been proud to be associated with ‘LPV’ and keen to maintain its place as a leading and comprehensive textbook on the law of copyright and related rights.

The fifth edition of ‘LPV' was published in October 2018 and is available here. The work has been revised and updated by no fewer than thirteen members of chambers: Adrian Speck QC, Lindsay Lane, Daniel Alexander QC, Michael Tappin QC, Charlotte May QC, Iona Berkeley, James Whyte, Quentin Cregan, Isabel Jamal, Ashton Chantrielle, Jaani Riordan, Maxwell Keay and Thomas Jones.