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Quentin Cregan


Year of call: Australia 2003, Cayman Islands 2007, UK 2013

Quentin has acted as counsel in large-scale commercial litigation, with experience in intellectual property (particularly IT/ mobile-related patent claims, copyright and confidential information), software deployment/technology disputes, and corporate/hedge fund trading (incl. trading software) matters. Prior to 2003, Quentin worked as a software developer and systems/network security administrator in the US (Silicon Valley and New York), and other countries. He remains active in start-up sector.

Quentin’s technical experience includes system and network security, systems management, software design/implementation and support for systems hosting 100,000+ software developers in *nix (incl. legacy Irix, Tru64)/Linux, *BSD, and Windows environments. His programming experience includes C, Java, Perl, Pascal, Python, PHP, and related SQL aspects.

Quentin continues to accept instructions in Australian matters through his chambers in Brisbane, further details available here.

Sample of recent instructions

Triple Point Technology Inc v. BB Energy N.V. [2019] EWHC (CC) (2019 – Ongoing)
Instructed (with James Howells QC) in relation to an IT system dispute over Triple Point’s deployment of its CXL software to an energy trading business.

INVISTA Textiles (UK) Ltd v Botes & Ors [2019] EWHC 58 (Ch)
Acted on behalf of INVISTA Textiles (UK) (led by Sue Prevezer QC) in a multi-week trial with former research staff and a related start-up over claims of confidential information and company property retention.

Galas v. Alere, Inc [2018] EWHC 2366 (QB)
Instructed in relation to setting aside a Hague Convention letter of request for documents in arising from a class-action shareholder dispute in the United States over patented technology.

Paintshield v. XPEL Technologies Corp [2018] EWHC 967 (Ch)
Acted in a multi-week trial dealing with allegations of licensing breaches, along with copyright, and design right infringement.

Property Franchise Group v. Martin Thornton Ltd [2018] EWHC (IPEC)
Appeared in relation a trade mark dispute in the real estate sector.

Lewis v. Interactive Eyewear Technologies Ltd
[2018] EWHC (IPEC)
Successfully obtained summary judgment for the Claimant in this dispute arising out of failed start-up company and alleged misrepresentations as to patented technology.

Parainen Pearl Shipping Ltd v Kristian Gerhard Jebsen Skipsrederi AS [2017] EWHC 2570 (Pat)
Appeared (with James Mellor QC) in a dispute over the jurisdiction of the Court to grant declarations of non-infringement of foreign patents under the Brussels (Recast) regime.

Copper Dragon Brewery Ltd v. Greyhawk Brewery Ltd & Ors [2017] EWHC (Ch)(IP)
Appeared in a trade mark and passing off action related to the sale of a brewery and ongoing use of certain marks.

ITV Broadcasting Ltd v TV Catchup Ltd (C-275/15) (ECLI:EU:C:2017:144) [2017] FSR 39 (European Court of Justice (Fourth Chamber), 1 March 2017)
Appeared (with James Mellor QC) on behalf of ITV and others in the CJEU on copyright exceptions, and in particular, cable retransmission rights and the implications for streaming media / public broadcasting.

Johnston v. University of Southampton [2017] EWHC (IPEC)
Appeared for the University of Southampton is a dispute with former academic staff members over patent royalties.

Jumar Solutions Ltd v McKee
[2016] EWHC 1361 (Ch)
Multi-week trial against former developer on copyright and trade secret misuse grounds in relation to a complex computer software claims (including cross-language translation claims).

Nekoti v Unvilla (T/A Consol) [2016] EWHC 556 (Ch)
Appeared on behalf of a network of beauty & sun-tanning salons in relation to copyright and contractual claims made against them by a software development company. Successful in having the case against his clients dismissed with indemnity costs.

Good Technology (now Blackberry) v. MobileIron & Airwatch [2015] EWHC (Pat)
Acted (with Andrew Lykiardopolous QC and Tom Moody-Stuart QC) on behalf of Claimant Good Technology/Blackberry in relation to patent claims over mobile phone / mobile security technology.

ITV & Ors v. TV Catchup [2015] EWCA Civ 2014 (Court of Appeal)
Appeared in the Court of Appeal with James Mellor QC for ITV and other broadcast parties in a case regarding copyright implications of re-transmission of broadcaster content on the Internet.

Epoch Games v Character Options [2015] EWHC 3436 (IPEC)
Appeared in a dispute relating to patents over coloured beaded toys.

Re: Queensland Health Payroll System Commission of Inquiry (2013)
Throughout most of 2013, Quentin was in Australia appearing and acting as counsel to IBM in the long-running Queensland Health Payroll System Commission of Inquiry before the Hon. Richard Chesterman AO RFD QC dealing with one of the largest ever IT and procurement disputes in Australia with estimates of losses in the region of £600million.

Lady Henrietta St. George et al v. Sir Jack Hayward et al
Acted in the long-running dispute between two family groups and related entities. Disputes arose as to the size of effective ownership of various companies (relating to trust and shareholding issues), management participation and engagement agreements with third parties regarding effective control of the second largest city in the Bahamas (Freeport). Satellite litigation in Cayman Islands, Bahamas, London and arbitration in the ICC.

Re: Investment Fund
Also acted on behalf of an investment fund regarding ongoing global disputes relating to asset placements, dealing with Mareva-style relief in a number of jurisdictions seeking restraints of hundreds of £millions.

Re: Bre-X (in liq). v. Felderhof
Acting for and advising in relation to matters where approximately US$3bn had been ordered restrained under a Mareva pending litigation arising from the Bre-X mining collapse in Canada. (Approximately CAD$6bn collapse).

Re: Attorney-General for the Cayman Islands
Acted for, appeared on behalf of and advised the Attorney General in relation to commercial matters in which the Attorney-General had been joined.


Quentin has acted in large scale mediations in Australia, the Bahamas, the Cayman Islands and the UK on behalf of parties as well as in the mediator role. Mediations have included disputes in relation to intellectual property (particularly software/ software development and IT system deployment), construction, mining, shareholder and trust disputes.

He is happy to accept instructions on intellectual property or commercial disputes on behalf of parties or to act as mediator.

General advisory work

Quentin has extensive experience in commercial and chancery advisory work, including all fields of intellectual property, broadcast licensing, online gambling licensing, construction and development disputes, corporate shareholder, director and hedge fund/investment manager disputes.

Additional Information


Doctor of Philosophy (Law) (D.Phil / PhD) (St. Hilda’s College, Oxford)
- Dissertation: Impact of International and EU law on remedies for IP infringement.

Master of Science (M.Sc) (St. Hilda’s College, Oxford)

Master of Philosophy (M.Phil) (Law) (University of Queensland)
- Dissertation: Legal Ramifications of Information System and Data Security Compromise.

Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) (B.Sc. (Comp. Sci)) (Qld)

Bachelor of Laws with Honours (LLB(Hons)) (Qld)


2003 – Call to Bar of the Supreme Court of Queensland; High Court of Australia.
2006 – Call to Bar of the Cayman Islands.
2013 – Call to Bar of England and Wales (Lincoln’s Inn).


Co-author of the Intellectual Property chapter of the Sweet & Maxwell’s Bullen & Leake & Jacob’s Precedents of Pleadings (18th ed. & Supplement).

Co-author of Laddie, Prescott & Vitoria’s Modern Law of Copyright (5th edition).

Along with numerous journal articles on law, civil procedure, and technology.


Chancery Bar Association

Intellectual Property Society

Intellectual Property Bar Association

Member of the Bar Council (on behalf of the IPBA)

Anglo-Australasian Lawyers Society

Chatham House

Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre

PADI Accredited Dive Master.

Languages: French (conversational).


Recent Activity

» Nekoti Limited -and- Univilla Limited t/a Consol [2016] EWHC 556 (Ch)
» ITV v TVCatchup [2015] EWCA Civ 204