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The Estate of Adrian Jacobs v Bloomsbury Publishing and JK Rowling

Case Summary  |  14 July 2011


John Baldwin QC and Adrian Speck acted for J K Rowling in her successful attempt to have dismissed proceedings brought against her alleging that the Harry Potter books and, in particular Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, were infringements of copyright. Miss Rowling alleged that the claim against her was absolutely hopeless but last year Kitchin J refused summarily to dismiss it. Instead he imposed conditions which were to be fulfilled if the Claimant wished to continue with his action. He ordered the Claimant to pay almost £1 million into court to evidence a real commitment to his cause and to protect Miss Rowling if he failed. The Claimant was not impressed and paid £50,000 into court in order to pursue an appeal. The Court of Appeal dismissed the appeal with costs and the claim was struck out 24 hours later when the Claimant failed to come up with the sums ordered by Kitchin J.